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  • Has the Dealer Failed to Deliver Title or Plates to Your New Vehicle?
  • Sold a Vehicle with an Undisclosed Salvage/Branded Title?
  • Sold a Vehicle with an Undisclosed, Lemon Buyback Branded Title?
  • Has the Dealer Failed to Payoff Your Trade-In (or Pay It Off Timely Resulting In Additional Fees or Negative Credit)?
  • Is the Dealer Claiming It Can’t Arrange Financing as Agreed Telling You that You Have to Come Into the Dealership to Sign a New Contract with More Money and/or at a Higher Interest Rate Without Giving You the Option to Get Out of the Deal?
  • Have You Discovered an Odometer Discrepancy?
  • Did You Pay for a Service Contract or Warranty But Now the Service Contract Company Says You Don’t Have One?
  • Were You Sold A Used Vehicle with a Temporary Permit Where the Dealer Was Required to Have Performed a Prior Safety Inspection But Didn’t?
  • Remember, if a Dealer Promises You Something, Get it in Writing on the Contract or Don’t Count on Getting It!

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You owe it to yourself to give us a call. This office has over 20 years of experience handling autofraud, auto dealership problems, and other consumer problems for Utah Consumers.

If you have a good case, the size of the dealership does not matter to us.

Look below this posting for a Court Order you can download issued in 2014 unfavorable to Larry H. Miller Used Car Supermarket, one of Utah’s largest used car dealerships.