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Jon is simply the best. I've worked with him for over 4 years and he continue is vigilance to get the best outcome. I would highly recommend Jon if you are facing litigation for some of the unethical and ruthless creditors. Jon will tell it like it is and help you through the best possible scenario. Thanks Jon

Sue    March 16, 2017   

Just squeezes you for cash. Shady

Roger Chavez    February 28, 2017   

I've known Jon for nearly 10 years now, and I know him to be a high integrity attorney with a wealth of legal knowledge. Whenever I have a question about consumer protection law for myself or a client, Jon is my first call. I have recommended him to clients and will continue to do so.

Gregory Misener    June 15, 2016   

I had been in a terrible frame of mind since being served with lawsuit papers from Ferderated Capital and had no idea how to proceed in order to prevent the pending disaster.

When Jon took my case, he made sure that I understood everything about my situation. He broke it all down for me in ways that were easy to comprehend without being patronizing or condescending. Jon always made time for me, even during evenings and weekends.

Not only did I get the result I wanted from my case, but I felt comfortable and secure every step of the way, all due to Jon's excellent work.

Kelly P    August 15, 2015   

If you're looking for a consumer lawyer, then there is a good chance you already know how scary that can be. You can stop searching. I will describe my experience in greater detail below, but it comes down to this: Rogers is competent, helpful, trustworthy, and transparent about what he charges. In my case, he charged a single fee up front and helped me to fix what proved to be a relatively limited misuse of my identity in very short order.

I already felt vulnerable after having my identity stolen and used to create a fraudulent credit card. I felt threatened by the aggressive tactics of the debt collection agency that had bought that debt. I was confused about my rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the collectors and credit bureaus tend seemed like they were making it intentionally difficult to fight this. The former wanted me to settle (or to mail them a form on which I put every piece of personal financial information I had and trusted them to investigate the fraud on my behalf) and the latter constantly obfuscated the consumer protections that they are required to provide by intermingling them with the various services they sell.

Getting a lawyer seemed inevitable, but also terrifying. What if I chose badly? What if this person proved incompetent and I ended up owing even more money, charged for hours of legal services that came to nothing? Did I really want to give so much personal information to this stranger? Could I trust this person to charge me a fair price, especially since I knew I'd be legally defenseless if my lawyer turned out to have hidden costs buried in the fine print that I trusted him to interpret for me.

I took the leap, enlisted the services of Rogers, and I'm glad I did. I paid him a set fee to send a letter disputing the credit line in question as fraudulent and he did that. But he also took the time to explain to me how best to approach the morass of companies and government agencies--all with their own peculiar paperwork--with which you have to work to fix a credit breach. He let me know which things I needed him for and which things I could probably do on my own. I cannot thank him enough. I am well on my way to seeing the fraudulent lines removed from my credit reports. I feel like I have secured my identity against future breaches and also like I have a better sense of my legal rights. Thanks to his careful and patient explanations, I better understand the twisting paths through the consumer credit industry that its companies seem intent on obfuscating in order to sell their own services.

I'm glad that I settled on Jon H. Rogers as my consumer lawyer and I think you will be, too. Perhaps the best compliment I can give is this: I found myself feeling like I should have owed him more for what he did even though I had been desperately afraid I would feel the opposite. Your situation will inevitably be different, but I expect that your experience with Rogers and his office will be similarly marked by compassion, patience, and fairness in a time when almost everyone else seems predatory, aggressive, and intent on taking you for everything you have.

Travis R.    May 12, 2015